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The Perfect Rose - Felicia Rogers Caleb Reed is a man of honor. After his wife left him with a three year old, he didn’t hesitate to make it work for him and his son. Providing a home for a son with special needs (no spoilers!) is hard enough but the demands to produce more books is making his life a bit more stressful. With the guidance of the town’s mother hen, he agrees to hire Ariel Lauren to be a caregiver to his son, Joshua.Ariel Lauren has dealt with all of life’s blows like a true champion. She has never known her parents, bouncing from foster home to foster home. She has never been loved and only dreams of finding a stable life with a family she who can love her. Immediately, she takes to Joshua but she is scared to let go with Caleb. Nothing has ever come easy and she knows better than anyone that people grow tired of someone and leave. She can’t risk putting her heart on the line.This is such a sweet and endearing story. Not only do Caleb and Ariel learn to trust and love one another, Joshua adds a real bonus to the story. He is such a sweet kid and he has to deal with his own issues after his mother returns. I don’t want to spoil it but more drama unfolds and more issues are revealed once Caleb’s ex-wife returns. Though there are no love scenes, I felt the emotional connection between Caleb and Ariel is strong enough with it. The intimacy that is in most books that I read is still displayed in this book in other ways. I’m so glad that Caleb and Ariel find their way to one another.Ms. Rogers soars high with this sweet and endearing love story. I haven’t read anything else by this author but I look forward to reading another one of her tales…hopefully a bit longer next time 