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Fireside - Susan Wiggs What can I say? I have too many mixed emotions about this story. I'm not sure where to begin.Plot: Kim van Dorn a sports publicist, returns home to Avalon, NY after she is fired by her athlete boyfriend. At the airport she bumps into Bo Crutcher, a prospect for the NY Yankees. Bo is there to pick up his 12 year old son AJ who he has never met. AJ's mother is detained because she can't prove she is a citizen. The government wants to deport her to Mexico so she calls on Bo to step up as Dad. Meanwhile, Kim arrives home to find that her mother has renovated their home into a boardinghouse. While Kim investigates the reason behind her mother's changes, Bo and his son move in. While she has sworn off athletes, when she notices Bo sacrificing his one big shot at the Pros for his son, she steps in to save his career. A VERY slow romance begins.I'm not sure if Wiggs writes books with romance in mind because the romance in this book was so far in the background it took me some time to even notice it. WHy does the H/H have minimal interaction until 200+ pages into the book? I don't know about anyone else, but I want some sort of communication (be it verbal or physical) especially in a 400 page book. So what was going on during those 200+ pages? A whole lot of background information and insight on immigration. If I had known this was going to turn into a political book, I would have put it down. I felt duped because there was a hidden agenda with this story. It was disappointing too because the back cover made it seem so interesting. I like how in the former books, there was integration of ethnicities (African American/Italian daughter, adopted African children and now a Hispanic child) and I thought she was going somewhere with this but I was mistaken.My real problem with this book was that there was little dialogue, little action and slow character development. Wigg made Bo look like a country bunkin who was slow. His dialogue was sometimes painful to read. He sounded so dumb. However, he was honest with his emotions and was very endearing when the romance began. Kim on the other hand was blah. There was nothing to her. She was hurt after being fired and she was leery of an affair with Bo. That was her in a nutshell. No distinct characteristics.Overall this story was ok. There was just too much propaganda on the horrors of the immigration system in the U.S. and our social policies. The resolution at the end was so vague. Yes, AJ's mom was released back in the states and moved to Avalon but you never got to see it. It was summed up in a paragraph. I wanted to see AJ with his mom. The poor kid was lost and confused the whole book and there was so little information on his reunion. Eh? Seems like she didn't want to bother to write out a good ending.