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Heart's Secret - Adrianne Byrd Fans of Adrianne Byrd should prepare for another witty, fun tale of two lovers looking for anything but love. Adrianne Byrd is a master story teller who fully uses her imaginative to deliver each and every time.Heart’s Secret is the first in the Match Made series about an exclusive match making service that caters to elite clients. Platinum Society is ran by Melanie Harte, a sharp third generation match maker. With a 95% success rate, she is more determined to keep up her good reputation but everything might be on the line when she gets one of her toughest clients yet.Jaxon Landon is a rich handsome banker that wants his grandparents to stay out of his personal affairs but little does he know, his grandmother has hired Melanie to find him the perfect woman and she believes that is Zora Campbell. Zora is a former supermodel turned businesswoman, looking to stay on top of her business. When Melanie asks her to attend a party and step out and meet Jaxon, she reluctantly agrees. Upon their initial meeting, the sparks fly and before long they are involved in a little cat and mouse game.I was conflicted when writing this review. One of my favorite authors style has change. Normally writing fast pace, energetic, humorous stories, I was rather surprised when I dove into Heart’s Desire. Sure, the same humor and easy flow was still there but there was more profanity than normal. The language seemed more realistic than the traditional Kimani Press works. Still, I embraced it whole heartedly. The one thing that I love about this book was the humor. I’m a sucker for a good laugh and boy does Ms. Byrd deliver. Zora ends up in some sticky situations and it’s so fun watching her crawl (literally) out of them. I like that she was not the typical heroine, falling mercifully at the foot of the hero. Instead, she fought him left and right, despite her strong attraction to him. Jaxon was not having that though. He was blunt and persistent in chasing Melanie down. He pulled out some of the best romantic moves and I found myself falling for him too. Throw in some side characters that seem to try to keep the couple apart and you come up with a pretty interesting story.My only problem was that I did not get to see how Jaxon’s problem with his grandfather got resolved. It was all sort of rushed at the end. I wanted further development, since his grandparents played a key role in the story. I also thought he reacted normal when he found out that his grandmother interfered again and I couldn’t understand why Zora never told him the truth once she finally caved in for a date.The love scenes were scorching. I fanned myself several times while reading each scene. While Ms. Byrd’s love scenes were always hot, she took it to another level with Heart’s Secret. I had to check to see if what I was reading was by the same author that I have grown to admire. If you’re not a fan of vulgarity language during lovemaking then this might not be for you.Overall, this book was really good. It’s always a pleasure to read another winner by Adrianne Byrd. I am curious to see if this is the new path she will be taking.