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Call Me Mrs. Miracle - Debbie Macomber A delightfully heartwarming holiday read that is bound to lift readers’ spirits, after all ‘tis the season for miracles to happen.Jake Finley used to believe in sprinkle sugar cookies, mistletoes and a stocking full of goodies, but now all of those things bring heartache and pain. Years ago, he lost his mother and sister in a freak accident on Christmas Eve and the holiday is just a downer. As a manager of one of the biggest department stores in the city, he needs a miracle to keep his family store from going bankrupt. Ordering more than enough toy robots, Jake thinks he has an idea, but little does he know, his miracle is not coming in the form of a toy.Holly has her hands full and she is barely keeping up. Her widowed brother is deployed overseas and she has agreed to watch her nephew for the year. As she is struggling to pay her bills and stay on top of her financial problems, her nephew, Gabe is an added burden. Not to mention, they haven’t been bonding over the past few months and Holly wants to bring some sort of joy to his life this holiday season. So when Gabe mentions he wants this expensive toy robot, Holly sets out on a mission to buy him the toy. While Jake and Holly both try to make their holiday wishes come true, they get a little help from Mrs. Miracle, an elderly lady employed at Finley’s department store for the holiday season. Mrs. Miracle has a few tricks up her sleeves and she is sprinkling her magic on them.Christmas is my favorite holiday and reading this book just warmed my heart completely. Mrs. Miracle’s character is a bit hokey. She is a likeable enough character but she is almost too cheery and perfect, which I understand because it’s her nature. Even though she is a sweet-tempered woman, she has a bit of spunk in her attitude and she humorously forces her point across.Despite Call Me Mrs. Miracle’s predictability, you still can’t help but continue to read on to see how it all turns out. The secondary characters add richness to the story. Gabe is an adorable kid who wants to have his father home for Christmas. Jake and his father have to deal with the past instead of running from it. Holly’s boss, fashion designer Lindy Lee and Holly’s brother, all make for a wonderful addition.I wonder what other humorous tricks Mrs. Miracle may bring readers in the future. If you enjoyed reading Mrs. Miracle, then you will enjoy reading Call Me Mrs. Miracle.