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Bachelor Unleashed - Brenda Jackson I love Brenda Jackson's writing and lately she has picked it up a bit with the steamy love scenes but I wanted more in her lastest book. Xavier and Farrah were once lovers that decided to call it quits when Farrah announce that it is becoming too much. She had only wanted a brief love affair but things are getting complicated. Several months after the separation, the two meet up again in NYC and their affair begins again.The biggest flaw in this book is the lack of romance. The characters interact intimately but there are no details of love demonstrated. The book opens up with Xavier and Farrah making love and for the most part that is the only connection that I picked up from them. When they reconnect in New York, Xavier wants a real relationship with Farrah and he tries to date her. However, throughout the dates there is nothing but sexual innuendos and foreplay happening and there is no real conversation. After a while, I wondered why Xavier fell in love so fast.The conflict with Farrah is that her reasons for pushing Xavier away is plausible but after a while it became silly. She had a bad marriage and she is fearful of falling in love. So instead, she pushes Xavier away and it irritated me because he was more open with his feelings than her. Overall, I enjoyed this story but not as well as some of her other books.