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Lust - Charlotte Featherstone I’m a fan of Charlotte Featherstone’s work. So clearly I was excited to read the first book in a new series about the Unseelie being cursed with 7 sins. The only way to save the court and redeem themselves they need to persuade the Virtues to come to them and be with them of free will. The battle to do so is hard for them and the struggle begins with Thane when he meets Chastity.Thane was hot! His sin was Lust and boy did he lust after Chastity, who struggled to do the right thing and live up to her name. I admit that initially it took some time to get into the book. Charlotte’s writing is sharp and entertaining but it took me a longer period to enjoy the book. The play on good vs. evil, dark vs. light was great and I found myself liking the dark side of the Unseelie fey. I can’t wait to read more. Great start to a new series.