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Baby, Don't Go - Stephanie Bond Marcus Armstrong is the strong-willed oldest brother of the Armstrong men of Sweetness, Georgia. He is determined to put the town back together after a tornado nearly destroyed the place a decade ago. His brothers have both found love and the cheesiness of it all makes Marcus want to run but when he spots the newcomer Alicia, he starts to rethink his position on love.Alicia Randall is a high strong Manhattan writer for a feminist magazine is attracted to the potential in Sweetness. The town’s men put out an ad to attract women to help their population and growth. The idea in itself is enough to lure Alicia there undercover to expose the men’s behavior. She applies for a job as a manager/cook for the diner and is wildly attracted to her boss, Marcus Armstrong. She decides to get close to Marcus to uncover the truth behind the ad but her plans are derailed when she finds herself falling for him and the sweet little town and its inhabitants. Marcus character is hard to relate to in the beginning. He is cold and the author doesn’t really show his personality at first. Eventually as he starts to become emotionally invested in Alicia, the readers will get to see who he really is.Alicia is a hard character to like. Her militant feminist ideology became a cover up for her own fears that stemmed from her issues with her parents and their divorce. She is too judgmental at times and I struggled to like her as much. Her parent’s issues became a secondary story for the author to focus on but I think there are some loose ties that should have been cleaned up from other characters in the town first.However, the connection between Marcus and Alicia is realistic. There are some comedic relief with Alicia’s attempt to cook, knowing she is prone to set things on fire. It is interesting to know what happens to the other characters. Overall, a good story…just not the best.