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Half Moon Hill: A Destiny Novel (Destiny, Ohio) - Toni Blake When I started this book, it was hard to imagine that I would like it. Let's just say that I was not please with Anna from the last book and the thought of her getting a story was not appealing. Needless to say, I am rather surprised that I loved the story.Anna has decided to stay in town to be around her family. She is now the owner of a small Victorian home that she wishes to turn into a B&B. While Anna makes plans for her B&B, she struggles with her own identity in the town. She doesn't feel a part of the group. Duke Dawson is running from his past and when his plans to stay with family doesn't pan out the way he had hoped, he finds himself in a little cabin on Anna's property. He wants a little time to figure things out and she needs help to renovate the B&B. When the two of them pair up, they learn they have a lot in common.I liked the relationship but there are a lot of miscommunication with Duke and Anna. They don't seem to talk about what they want out of the deal. The side relationship with the man who returns home does not add to the story. Instead, it makes Duke and Anna more withdrawn from their issues. I hope that the author does not throw in these fake love triangle again. It is not a theme that I enjoy in my story.Overall, the story was sweet and readers will get a chance to see a softer side from Anna.