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Hide from Evil

Hide from Evil - Jami Alden Jami Alden does it again! She throws readers back into her exciting and suspenseful world. Sean Flynn just wants to move on with his life. He sat in a jail cell for two years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now that he is a free man, he doesn’t want to be bother with anyone so he is hiding out in a cabin. His peace is interrupted when the one woman he hates shows up on his doorsteps.Krista Slater regrets putting Sean behind bars. At the time all the evidence pointed to Sean but after his sister (Beg for Mercy) set out to prove his innocence. Once all the charges were dropped, Krista begins to dig deeper to find out why anyone would want to frame Sean. As she investigates she starts to discover some startling truths, Krista realizes she might be in danger. With no one to help, she goes in search for Sean Flynn.Krista doesn’t expect a welcoming band but Sean’s hostility towards her makes her feel guilty. The bad guys are now hot on her trail and they put Sean on their list as well. Soon the two of them are on the run from the bad guys and the law and there is no one to trust but each other. I love Sean and Krista together. They share some hot scenes and heartwarming. The chemistry between them is shown early on despite the fact that Sean is angry with Krista. Sean needs time to realize he is still a good guy and with a little help from Krista, he slowly begins to understand.Readers should definitely read the first book in the series since this picks up from the last installment. There is a lot of characters and information that the first book provides. However, this answers most of the questions from the first book while setting the stage for the next book. I will be waiting anxiously to read it.