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Rule's Bride (Bride Trilogy #3)

Rule's Bride (Bride Trilogy) - Kat Martin In Rule’s Bride, Kat Martin delivers a fast paced tale of a married couple on the path of discovering what it takes to fully surrender to their hearts desires.Howard Griffin knows that he is dying. His only wish is to secure his company and his daughter’s future and what better way than to proposition Rule Dewar to marry his sixteen year old daughter, Violet. Both are shocked that Howard would make this request and neither has plans to marry but both opt to give the dying man his last wish and marry. Immediately after, Rule rushes off to his native land of England and waits until Violet is of adult age before consummating his marriage.Violet Griffin Dewar is an independently feisty beauty that has come a long way from the tomboy child-bride that Rule had left behind. She is confident, outspoken and clearing the path for her future. The only thing standing in her way is her stubborn husband but she won’t back down. She wants a divorce so she can set off to live her life with a man who will love and cherish her. Does Rule have it in him to be that man?Rule Dewar is devilishly handsome man who is stunned to see his wife in London after their three year separation. As soon as he tries to adjust, she drops the bomb that she wants an annulment but Rule is wildly attracted to her and wishes to remain married to her. He proposes thirty days for them to get to know each other and then if she wants, he’ll commit to signing the annulment papers, but Rule has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.What I enjoyed the most about this book was that it started out in Boston and somehow ended up in London. I loved the historical aspect of this tale. The characters were so strong independently and together they were unbreakable. I like Violet’s outspoken nature. She found out who she was and she never apologized for that. She was a strong business woman and Rule respected that instead of pushing her back. Rule had to learn the hard way what love really was. I enjoyed watching the couples around him teach him that valuable lesson. The secondary characters were just as intriguing as the main characters. There was another couple that added a side love story. I was rooting for them as well. Though they had received a lot of pages dedicated to them, I was not deterred by that. It all flowed into the story nicely. There was also a bit of mystery surrounding a murder plot that interesting threw in a flare of drama. Though readers may know who the murder was, there was a lot of action towards the end to keep the suspense going.Let me just say that the love scenes were hot. They were tasteful but steamy at the same time. Overall, I would recommend this book to historical romance fans. Kat Martin gave me a nice treat with the third installment of her trilogy.