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The Stranger I Married

The Stranger I Married - Sylvia Day I wasted my time off this afternoon reading this nonsense! I'm thoroughly annoyed. First of all the book starts off with the H/H sleeping with everyone. The hero is in love with another woman. Then she go away (I won't spoil it) so he marries the heroine, who is a known slut. Since her late husband, she decided to never get emotionally involved, instead she sleeps with a number of gentlemen. She does give them the attention they so called desire and stay their mistress for a number of years. Whatever! So the two rakes end up married, he experience a trauma and leaves for four years. He returns and realizes he don't want to sleep around with other people anymore. He wants his wife. She is involved with one of her lovers so she keep trying to get the hero a mistress of his own. He don't budge and he seduces her. Once they have sex with one another, the book went further downhill. There was so much sex after that, I felt exhausted and I only read the book. She was sore and still he was riding her like his life depended on it. Then there was a side romance that was rushed (oh and of course they were humping like wild bunnies too!) and eventually everyone falls in love. THE END! I expected better because I have enjoyed her other books but this one was the worst so far.