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Storm Kissed (Final Prophecy Series #6)

Storm Kissed - Jessica Andersen Storm Kissed is a highly erotic tale that magic lures readers deeper into the story.Reese Montana met the love of her life years ago in the form of bad boy, Dez. Their love affair was intense and electric. It all ended when Reese, put Dez in jail, trying to protect him while they found the gangbangers who were out to get him. Years later, she learns that he is alive and working with the Nightkeepers, a group of humans that hold magic powers, sworn to protect mankind from the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy.Reese is on the hunt for Dez because they believe he has gone rogue on a mission to track down a powerful artifact. Reese wants to believe that Dez has changed from his bad boy ways but she is scared to trust him again. She surrenders her emotions as she follows Dez on a dangerous mission. The chemistry between Dez and Reese is electric. Unlike her other books, the romance and sexual magic is up front.Dez is the epitome of a bad boy. A true alpha that will do anything for the woman he loves. What I love about Dez is that he is a bad boy that is shaped by his environment but is not defined by it. He only wants what is best for Reese and he believes he is not worthy of her. He fumbles to correct things between them but it shows his softer side.Andersen does deliver on originality and creativity. Her Nightkeepers series is a mix of otherworldly creatures and a unique plot line. However, the author normally tends to get bogged down with some of the mythological details, losing the interest of readers and keeping it hard to follow the other aspects of the book. Though there is a glossary in the back of the book that helps readers navigate better, I suggest that readers start the series from the first book because each book adds more details.Overall, Storm Kissed is another great addition to Andersen’s Nightkeepers series. This series get better with each book.