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Midnight Kiss - Robyn Carr, Jean Brashear, Victoria Dahl Midnight Confessions by Robyn CarrSunny Archer’s fiancé left her at the altar to suffer the embarrassment in front of all of their friends and family. A year after the fiasco, Sunny is still bitter and embarrassed. Her Uncle Nate (from a previous book) invites her to get away from it all in Virgin River. Sunny is grateful for the reprieve but she dreads the cheery New Year’s Eve party at Jack’s Bar that Uncle Nate wants her to attend. Kicking and pouting, she heads to the party and is introduced to Drew Foley (the brother of Erin and Marcie from previous books). He is attracted to her and she shoots him down immediately. He continually tries to win her over throughout the night and successfully he breaks down a few barriers. I could have loved this story, unfortunately in order for me to do this, the author would have to create another heroine for Drew. Sunny is not the most lovable female character. In fact, she constantly brings up being ditched at the altar. I’m not fond of the “I’m the victim” females. She had a year to move on and even if she didn’t, she shouldn’t have held onto that anger as long as she did. I just had a hard time relating to her character. Of course in true Robyn Carr style, Drew is the best thing since slice bread. All of her heroes turn out to be Mr. Perfect themselves and they are completely sensitive to women. So it didn’t surprise me that Drew was sympathetic to Sunny’s griping and he just sat there patiently listening to her cry over this other man. For me, this is a 2 star rating because most of the story is based on Sunny analyzing why everything went wrong in her previous relationship. I needed more development of Drew and Sunny’s relationship.Midnight Surrender by Jean BrashearIn anthologies, I normally skip over stories with authors that I don’t know but I got caught up hoping to get a good read since the first story didn’t do me any justice. Unfortunately, I didn’t care for this story as much. I’m not sure what to feel for this story. Jordan Parrish is a man eating lawyer who doesn’t believes she is built for marriage. She meets Will Masterson at her best friend’s house and he does his best to change her mind. Will is a carpenter looking for a wife to share in the same values he grew up with in Ireland. His idea of the perfect woman resembles Jordan’s best friend, Marly and Jordan is the total opposite. The thing is that he finds himself attracted to her. Instead of giving up, he believes Jordan’s hard exterior is a shell to protect herself and he hatches up a plan to break through the barrier. What I didn’t like about this story is that it was unrealistic in theory. Jordan comes off as childish. She picks unnecessary fights with Will throughout the story. Any other man would have given up but Will decides to break Jordan into the type of woman he wants by sexually enticing her. Each time she gives in he turns his back and walks away from her until she finally breaks down. In real life how is this working? I didn’t relate to Jordan and Will was a yummy male character but it was not enough to make me love this story. The story is a bit predictable and while it is enjoyable in parts, it is still forgettable. Midnight Assignment by Victoria DahlYay! Talk about saving the best for last. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to read this story. Elise Watson and Noah James are two employees of the FICC sent into Omaha to oversee the takeover of a local bank. They are hesitant and reluctant to work together because the last time they did, it was a disaster. Two years ago, on an assignment Elise and Noah shared a passionate kiss that resulted in Noah pushing Elise away and moving away. At the time Elise really wanted a position and when Noah got the lateral move and left, she took it as a personal attack. Noah ran because he was in a relationship and when he confronted Elise she confirmed she was in one as well. There is a lot of communication that kept them apart for the past two years and it all came to surface while they worked side by side. The author does a great job peeling back the layers and getting to the root of their problems. Their romance is very believable and the connection was strong. I love the fact that they didn’t jump right back into something after their initial meeting. The only problem I had with this story is that it is short and I would have liked to read more about them.