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Whisper Falls (Destiny, #3)

Whisper Falls (Destiny, #3) - Toni Blake Toni Blake does it again! Blake’s latest installation of the Destiny series is a beautiful redemption story that shows the healing power of love.Honestly, this series get better with each book. I’m so excited to have read this gem of a book. It is my absolute favorite in the series so far. The characters are great and the plot is believable.Tessa Sheridan is back home in Destiny, Ohio after learning that she is suffering from an incurable illness. Leaving her career hasn’t been easy and returning to a town that really has no place for her craft is even more heart breaking. Seeking her peace and solitude, she is disturbed by her loud biker neighbor. One day Tessa has a run in with him and discovers he is Lucky Romo, the runaway son from the Romo family (Sugar Creek).Years ago, Lucky Romo left Destiny. He got involved in some bad things and now he is back in Destiny trying to turn a new leaf. He decides to hide out in his house on Whisper Falls Road until he can figure it out but his sexy and sweet neighbor is making it so hard to stay hidden. Lucky has to come to past with his family and all of the drama he has left behind.I will just admit it right now, the reason that I love this book is because of Lucky. He is a great male character. Strong, big, tattooed-up and bad. Yeah, I have a thing for the bad boys. The great thing about Lucky is that he not only a bad boy but a big teddy at the same time. He tries to help Tessa through her illness when it flares up. He really does sweet things to get her mind off of the pain and bring joy back to her life.Lucky reclines next to her again, and they silently peered back up at the sky. And though she’d already forgotten about the iPod, Lucky then gently inserted one earbud in her ear and the other in his, so they could both hear. Then she listened as the notes from a gently plucked guitar began Jack Johnson’s “Constellations,” a song about… the sky. She just looked at Lucky. How could he know? How could he know, even better than she did, what she’d needed right now? It was one of the most perfect moments of her life.The thing that I really love about Lucky is that he shows more than tell. He steps up time and time throughout the book to show Tessa that he loves her. And when the song came to its sweet, peaceful conclusion, she continued peering up at the sky even as she leaned her head to rest it on Lucky’s shoulder. And she whispered, “You love me.”He kept gazing upward, too, his answer coming softly. “Yeah. I do.”And it sounded…like it wasn’t a surprise to him at all.The new knowledge made Tessa’s skin tingle even as her body filled with warmth. And she pulled back just slightly to peer up at him, this man who loved her. He hadn’t put it into so much words, but he hadn’t needed to―because he’d shown her, in so many sweet ways.Tessa and Lucky’s relationship starts off a bit slow because it is mostly from her point of view. There is a lot of internal dialogue and that did frustrate me a bit. They are cautious around each other in the beginning, which after learning about their past, you can understand. However, their friendship turned into so much more. She stands by him when he deals with his family and their emotional baggage and tries to help him deal with his past when he is confronted with it. I got so caught up in the story that I, along with Tessa, wanted Lucky to make the right decision. The ending was so sweet and for a long time after I finished the last line, the characters and story stayed in my thoughts.Fans of the Destiny series will not be disappointed with this story. I can’t wait for the next book.