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Irresistible (Buchanans Series #2)

Irresistible - Susan Mallery This is the second story in the Buchanan family. Absolutely better than the first book. I think the series is progressing nicely. The chemistry between Walker and Elissa was gradual and I felt the sexual tension. Elissa is a single mother who doesn’t need the distraction of her sexy neighbor Walker Buchanan. Having the tendency to pick up the wrong men, she shies away from him but luck won’t have it that way. After Walker helps her out with a flat tire (even pays for the tire) she sets out to pay him back by cooking dinners. Walker tugged at my heart strings. He is an ex-marine who is just a loner. He’s not sure what he wants to do next in life. He definitely doesn’t need the money, coming from a family that built an empire business in Seattle. So he occupies his time by finding a woman that his deceased marine buddy was in love with. Slowly Elissa and Walker build a friendship with a lot of sexual tension. Walker slowly let go of his guilt for his friend’s death and Elissa finally allows someone in. What I like about this book was that characters felt human. They felt realistic to me. Elissa went through a lot of drama in her life. It was interesting to see how she dealt with her past and her adorable daughter. When Walker finally allows Elissa’s daughter in, I felt myself tearing up. Such a cute little scene! For readers of the first book, you get to reconnect with all of the characters, even Gloria. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series