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Crazy for Love (Hqn) - Victoria Dahl Crazy for Love is a light, funny, read for the summer. Victoria Dahl brings to life the joy of finding romance in a crazy, quirky, fun way.I had a hard time placing my feelings for this book. While I enjoyed it a lot, I was not in love with it. Sure it had some of my favorite elements: humor, hot steamy love scenes and a cute quick side romance. However there were some things that just did not gel together well enough for me. Chloe Turner has had a rough past. She found out her fiancé did not die in a plane crash but instead faked his death, claiming her “bridezilla” attitude was the reason for his outlandish behavior. Since then she has been hounded by the media and resorted to an island with her best friend, Jenn to escape and gather her wits. What Chloe found was Max Sullivan, a hot treasure hunter, looking to untangle himself from his complicated life. Max had a hero complex. He felt the need to help and save the people in his life. He had this real annoying way of making sure people around him never got hurt physically, emotionally or any other way. At one point, I had to wonder if this was a serious illness and why didn’t the author go further into his problems. Sure, Chloe was the only one to spot his issues but once they were acknowledge, there was no resolution or outcome to it. Even when their romance continued on the mainland, Max’s OCD was brushed aside as something he will eventually work out.I enjoyed the premise of the story. I have never read a contemporary about a woman escaping the paparazzi because her fiancé claimed she was a lunatic bridezilla. The whole scenario was quite amusing. It was a great way to get the main characters to meet. The characters had an immediate chemistry but their own personal issues sometimes clouded the romance in the story. After a while, I was tired of hearing about Chloe complaining over the issues with the media and Max complaining how tired he was of taking on other people’s burdens and responsibilities. I wanted to learn more about the characters and I was slightly disappointed.Some of the more interesting story parts were between Elliot, Max’s brother who went on the vacation with him, and Jenn. The nerd and the shy blonde bombshell seemed to be a perfect match. I actually wanted more time to develop their romance. Since Jenn was so shy, it took some time to see any action between them. Elliot had experience a painful divorce that had left him a little unconfident. It just felt like it was something the author added onto the bigger storyline and left hanging a bit.Overall the story was interesting. It gave me a new take on Victoria Dahl. I would recommend Crazy for Love to contemporary fans. I plan to read more from this author in the future.