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Patience - Lisa Valdez 2.5 starsI really wanted to love this book. After enjoying the first book immensely, I was sure that I would love this book the same. I mean how much can an author’s style change right? Patience is a story of two wounded people who need some serious healing. Young, beautiful and talented, Patience Emmalina Dare (I really hate their names) refuses to follow the rules of society. Refusing suitors who fails to capture her attention, Patience hides behind her beloved cello, burying emotions that she thought were long gone. That is until one kiss from Matthew leaves her wanting more.Matthew Morgan Hawthorne is a scorned man. Fueled with anger and a need for revenge after the secret of his illegitimate birth is publicized in front of all society, he pushes everyone away. At least the only person he can’t seem to push away is Patience. Enthralled by her beauty and her desires to “submit”, Matthew takes up convincing Patience that they belong together.The characters were not likeable, IMO. I thought Matthew took out some of his emotions and baggage out on Patience. Since he had little control in his life, I thought he was trying too hard to control her. The first half of the book (and probably a bit more) focused on him teaching her how to submit, pushing her (and me) to the limits. At first I was okay with this because there was discussion with Mark about his sexual taste and he even explained how he found out he likes to be dominant and like fellatio. Then, he insisted upon spanking her repeatedly until her bottom was sore. So once that little encounter occurred, she made scones for him, and you know what my boy did? Yup you guessed it. He starts to spank her again even though he knows she is sore. I started to think he had a problem with his hands. He was constantly spanking or hitting her nipples (b/c oh yeah, they are thick and distended). I was like stop it! I wished she would have thrown a scone at his head. Another problem I had was the references to the bible and scriptures. I normally would not have care but it annoyed me that Patience was quoting scriptures to someone and then rushing off to practice her fellatio skills on Matthew. Then there was a scene where he was going on and on about Adam and Eve while they were in the middle of a sexual act. That really bothered me.Now I love me some sex but when the sexual acts take over the romantic ones I have a huge problem. There was no emotional connection until the end. Around page 300, the characters started to communicate verbally and their love became evident. I have too many books to read to wait until page 300 to the connection I want in any book. Despite that the last 60 pages were good. I quickly read them, wishing that the whole book would have been like this since the first have was boring. Some of the things that I enjoyed about this book were that there were brief glimpses of Mark and Passion. I love Aunt Matty. She definitely makes me laugh. I was interested in Fitz Roy. I was so glad that Benchley got what he deserved. I look forward to reading the next book. I just hope that Lisa Valdez comes back strong, like she did in the first book. I would recommend this book for readers who want to satisfy their curiosity.