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Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love - Molly O'Keefe Ok... I ride the fence with a 2 or a 2.5. I started off thinking this book was decent. Sure, from the start, it wasn't the best but I figured it was going to get better. The main problem with this book is that it has a few plot holes. I'm not sure if the author knew how to tie things together. Luc and Victoria both end up back home when they learn that their father was marrying a younger woman that they assumed was a bimbo. I could definitely understand Victoria showing up because she wanted the inheritance but Luc was so adamant about not going. Why should he? He's a famous hockey player with money. Needless to say, he goes with Victoria to get what is due to them. I honestly felt that in those first few pages they could have done a better job explaining why they held so much resentment towards their father. It was lightly brushed over. Shortly after they arrive, the father dies and the story begins.I did like the chemistry between Tara and Luc but at times their moods was a bit scattered. The emotions bounced around a bit too much. He was mad. She was in lust. She hated him. He was over the moon with her. I needed some consistency. The secondary characters did little to hold my interest. This could have been a better story but it just wasn't well thought out.