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The Beast in Him (Pride Stories Series #2)

The Beast in Him - Shelly Laurenston Laurenston continues to deliver that humor that sucked me in with the first book. I have to admit that I was skeptical with Bobby Ray having his own story but I was happy with how it turned out. I liked Jessie Ann's character alot. I felt so bad that she had been bullied for so long. She was the true underdog. Story:Bobby Ray was first introduced in the Mane Event as Mace's partner. He's now in NYC running a security company that was hired by Jessie Ann. The two share a history from childhood. She was a tiny wild dog that got picked on by a pack of She-Wolves and he was the guy who always came to her rescue until he left for the Navy. So now that their paths have crossed again, Jessie vow to make Bobby Ray "Smitty" pay for leaving her. The story is good because you get to see glimpses of old characters. The chemistry between Smitty and Jessie was definitely there and it was good to see how she tried not to fall for him and he tried not to hurt her. I love the family dynamics in this book, although I really disliked Sissy Mae's character. She was mean and cruel. I almost don't want to read her story, but of course I can't resist.