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Enticed by His Forgotten Lover (Harlequin Desire)

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover (Harlequin Desire) - Maya Banks Broyny Morgan is pissed off. Not only has the father of her unborn child left her, when she travels all the way to New York to confront him, he acts as though he doesn’t even know who she is. The man that swept her off her feet on her island is long gone and replaced by an emotionless shell. She can’t believe she fell for his lies.Rafael de Luca is suffering from short term amnesia after a plane crash. He is in the middle of a huge business venture and now is not the time for him to lose his memory. If he can open a resort on an island he has recently purchased, he and his partners will become very successful entrepreneurs. However, there is one catch. The wild and crazy who waltz into his life, demanding that he take responsibility for his baby. Confused is an understatement for Rafael. He knows that he would have never dated Broyny. She is just not what he is physically attracted to and the stories she tells of their passionate filled time at her island is out of character for him. Yet, his gut is telling him that she is not lying and the only way to prove it is to return to the island to finish what they had started. Maya Banks starts a brand new engaging and romantic series. The book is a bit predictable and there are no real surprises but it also brings warmth and romance. While I did enjoy Broyny (hated that name!) as a character, she became annoying. She is feisty and determined one minute and a total sap the next. She is almost too quick to believe whatever Rafael says and honestly at times I wanted her to stand her ground with him more. Rafael is one of those characters that you don’t know whether you should like him or hate him. He is endearing and sympathetic to Broyny and her feelings but the author didn’t take enough time to develop the character more. I wanted more depth and emotions from him. It is not until the end that I saw the character that the author wanted Rafael to be. I also wished the author would have spent more time showing the readers why the characters should be together instead of telling us. Overall, this is a satisfying and quick read. The author sets up the other characters nicely and I can’t wait to read the next book, especially Ryan’s story.