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Siren's Surrender (Dark Tides Series #2)

Siren's Surrender - Devyn Quinn Devyn Quinn creates an intriguing and imaginative twist to her new paranormal series. The latest installation of her Dark Tides series will suck readers deep into her mythological world.Gwen Lonike has always hated being a Mermaid. Spending her whole life denying her heritage, she is upset when she is forced to come out and help defeat the evil mermaid queen that her sister accidentally released (Siren’s Call). To make matters worst, Blake Whittaker, an FBI agent working in a special unit, shows up to investigate paranormal activities that were reported in their region. Blake is from Port Rock, Maine and is far from happy to return home. His hometown stirs up a lot of painful memories. It is rather ironic that Gwen’s love interest is a man who is afraid of the water. Blake’s mother was an alcoholic who had abused him with some very painful and disturbing tactics, so his fear is warranted. It is almost fitting that Gwen and Blake are paired up because she does deny her Mer side for the most part.The book starts off interesting enough. We learn that Jake and the sea queen are ready to take over the sea and the land. They still need Tessa to go through the Seagate and they plan a full attack to abduct her. The government becomes involve and deem the mermaids as dangerous creatures. Gwen and her sister are detained by the government and Blake is used by his superiors to try to convince Gwen to share some of the Mer’s secrets.This is where the story goes down hill. The bulk of the book is focused on the government trying to figure out who the Mer is and what type of powers they possessed. After a chapter or two of the constant questions and redundant dialogue, I wanted some more action. What I have noticed in this series is that sometimes the romance is lost in the story. There are so many details in the story that the author almost forget about the main characters. The world building and back story is very important but the need for the romance still need to remain forefront in the novel. Eventually she re-focuses more on Gwen and Blake at the government compound but by then, the book is almost over and I almost lost interest. Overall, I am recommending this story to the fans of the first book and paranormal lovers. I would still pick up the next book in the series because I’m curious to know how they will finally defeat the mermaid queen.