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A Lady of Persuasion

A Lady of Persuasion - Tessa Dare I managed to like this book despite some major distractions. I was highly annoyed by Bel's behavior. I felt as though her crusade to save the world grew tiresome after a while, especially since there was no real explanation IMO for her behavior to be good. Of course it was mentioned that she might have tried too hard to be perfect because Toby saw her as an angel but that reason alone could not justify her behavior the entire book because she acted that way before they were together. I just wanted Dare to delve more into that. Then there was the Joss/Hetta relationship that was rushed and added into this story. There was so much to them that could have made another book in itself. I just don't understand why cheat them out of a story like that. Urgh!Last thing I did not like was the confession Lucy made at the end of the book to Toby. Why tell him that you was going to seduce him? Then question aloud, "I wonder what would have happened if I went into your bedroom that night." Uh, Lucy, do you have unresolved feelings for your husband's best friend. That was something that could have been left out of this book. Though it sound minor, it rubbed me the wrong way and I was glad Toby told her that he was happy she ended up in Jem's room. There's other stuff but they are not worth mentioning.