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Call Me Wild - Robin Kaye Jessica James just got fired from her job as a sports reporter. With no back-up plans in the works, Jessica decides to go on a short break to Idaho to write a romance novel. Since she is a professional writer, writing a novel about love should be a piece of cake…right? Wrong. Jessica doesn’t believe in happily ever after and when she meets Fisher Kincaid she gets a lesson in love. Dr. Fisher Kincaid is more than willingly to step up and become Jessica’s guinea pig while she explores the dynamics of love. He is extremely attractive to the beautiful and strong-willed writer. As the two become close, he realizes he has to pull out all stops to make her realize that love is indeed real.I tend to run hot and cold with Ms. Kaye’s writing. Some books hit the mark and others are totally far off. In this book, she hits middle ground. While I do enjoy the sweet and endearing characteristics of Fisher, I became slightly annoyed by him. The roles are reversed in this book which I can totally appreciate but Fisher almost became the more romantic lead in the story. In fact, in the last book as well, the males are the ones who take on the pursuit.Sure, women want to read about men who are sweet, kind, romantic, etc. However, how real are those characteristics? I’m not saying that men can’t possess those qualities but do they possess all of them? I don’t know. It just appears as though Fisher is too perfect and understanding. He is handsome, smart, family-oriented, great in bed, super clean and is a great cook. There is nothing wrong with him! I wanted him to be a bit more flawed or have more depth to him.Jessica is not the most likeable female character for me. She constantly pushes Fisher away and holds firmly to her belief that love doesn’t exist. I had expected some traumatic event to have occurred for her to have a strong opinion and when her background unfolds, it was minor. She held onto her embarrassment for entirely too long.While I didn’t care for the main characters as much, I really enjoyed the secondary characters. It’s still taking me some time to get over the silly names but I can’t wait to know more about Trapper and Karma. It is also nice to see what happened to Hunter and Toni.Overall, I did enjoy the story. It is cute and sometimes funny. I look forward to the next book.