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Stolen Fury

Stolen Fury - Elisabeth Naughton Stolen Fury is a solid, fantastic debut novel. It iss fast-paced, steamy, hot and action packed. Elisabeth Naughton has completely pulled me into her series with this first read. When I read romance suspense novels there are key elements that I look for: drama, action, romance and realistic scenarios. I got all of that and then some in this book. The action and suspense did not overshadow the romance and vice versa. There was enough of each element to satisfy my needs. For years, Dr. Lisa Maxwell has worked hard to find three precious artifacts. Finally, gets her hands on one of the pieces, only to have it stolen by an art thief, whom she has a steamy encounter with in Milan. Rafe Sullivan regrettably leaves Lisa in her hotel room after he steals the Fury. Thinking he has escaped her, Rafe is completely surprised when Lisa shows up on his boat in Key West. The exchange between the two is hilarious. I loved reading the constant humourous banter between Rafe and hilarious. Realizing the only way to ger her piece back is to team up with Rafe and hunt down the other furies, leaves Lisa steaming. She vows to make him suffer and boy does she. Lisa is a bad tempered, foul mouth, fiesty, witty and smart heroine. I loved her smart mouth and quick lines. She reminded me of myself. Rafe is a multi-layered character whom I found myself loving. He was a hot Puerto Rican who was more than what he protrayed to Lisa. I enjoyed watching Lisa slowly expose Rafe's character in pieces. The H/H was complimented each other and I flipped through each page, waiting for the moment that they realized that each other was the one. The sexual buildup was intense and I felt the heat pour off the pages.The action scenes were intense and written so vividly that I saw the scenes unfold clearly in my mind. I felt like I was dodging bullets right along with Rafe and Lisa. The secondary characters like Hailey, Shane and Pete were well developed and I look forward to reading more about them in later books.Overall, Stolen fury is a wonderful, intense and suspenseful read. I recommend this book for those who would enjoy a high intensity, funny and action packed romance. I believe that EN can be an auto buy for me.