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Ravished by a Highlander (Children of the Mist Series #1)

Ravished by a Highlander - Paula Quinn Paula Quinn crafts a story in such an emotionally vivid way that each characters true feelings leaps off the pages. Ravished by a Highlander is mysterious tale of forbidden love and desire. Forced together by betrayal, a secretive English woman and a strong Scottish Warrior must fight to keep the truth of her birthright hidden for it has the power to change the structure of the Crown. There were so many elements of this story that reminded me of Julie Garwood’s historical novels such as the typical strong Scot, ultra-feminine English woman, the quick banter and deep passion.Robert MacGregor is a fierce highlander. The oldest of the MacGregor clan, he prepares himself for his destiny to take over the clan. Assuming the leadership role, he never once questions if this is the life he would desire if given a choice until he rescues Lady Davina Montgomery. He’s struck by her beauty and the need to make her feel safe.Davina Montgomery lives a very sheltered life. Davina hides out at the Abbey, waiting for the day her life will change once she is revealed to society. Holding her secret identity dear to her, she embarks on an adventure to the Highlands with Rob and his men. Scared for her future, Davina tries so hard to hide her secret from Rob but slowly the pieces are put together and once the truth is revealed, they realize their love will be denied by all.It was truly fun to watch the characters fall in love with one another. Rob is a true alpha in every sense of the word. I found myself laughing at his brooding ways as he fought his attraction to Davina. When he finally falls, boy there is nothing that could stop him from being with Davina. The choices he makes to be with her, moved me. He is willing to turn his back on everything he loved. I felt the attraction from Davina immediately. I shared in her delight as she is finally able to taste a bit of freedom while she is with Rob on their journey. Though she knows the risk, her desire to be with him is much stronger and she finally puts her trust in him.Paula Quinn provided a gang of sexy Scots as secondary characters. I loved Rob’s brothers and cousin. The men are each likeable and distinguishable in their own rights. She sets the stage for the next book in the series by later introducing another one of Rob’s brothers. I can’t wait to see what is around the corner for each of these men.I really enjoyed the story. Discovering that there are previous books, I immediately put them on my list of books that I must buy. I recommend this book for true historical romance fans. If you’re like me and love a highlander story, pick this book up, you will not be disappointed.