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Lion's Heat (Breeds Series)

Lion's Heat - Lora Leigh Yay! Jonas finally get his story. This was truly a come back for Lora Leigh. After reading Bengal's Heart, I had hoped that she did not disappoint me with this book and she didn't.I won't go into plot summary but I will say that I truly enjoyed this book. Jonas was a great character. While I had always appreciated him in the other books, I had fallen for both the man and animal in his book. I felt that there was a softer side shown to him and we caught glimpses of why he was the way he was. He remained true to character to me. He was still the manipulating strategist that readers enjoyed. I happened to think that the baby and Rachel just mellowed him out. The relationship with him and little Amber was so endearing. My heart just melted. I felt the connection from the beginning. The mother on the other hand was an idiot at times (Hence why I dropped a star off the rating). At first she started off good. I liked how she dealt with Jonas. She always played the game well with him but then he revealed she was his mate and all reasoning went out the window. She constantly pushed him away when all he did was show her how much he loved her. I actually wanted him to kiss her and give him some of that mating hormone. Just to make her suffer! The interaction with the side characters (Leo, Dane, Ely, Cassie, etc) were great. Readers are introduced to some more Breeds and I can see some more stories occurring. Overall a good read.