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The Protected

The Protected - Shiloh Walker Agent Vaughnne MacMeans has two options when her boss, Mr. Taylor Jones, approach her with a new assignment. Go babysit some kid or resign. Of course, her boss didn’t say those words but she knows what she has to do. The simple task becomes complicated when she finds herself attracted to the boy’s Guardian.Gus is not sure why the new neighbor sets her sights onto Alex but his job is to make sure that no one knows about Alex’s gift. His past and his enemies might catch up to him if they know what Alex could do. When the danger arrives, Gus has no choice but to trust Vaughnne to help him out of a tough situation. Shiloh Walker has rarely disappointed me. I’m glad she got another winner under her belt. The characters are unique and complex. I like the extra psychic/paranormal element to this romantic suspense. The one thing that did threw me was that instant change of POV. The constant switch sometimes threw me out of the story. I like Vaughnne. She is fierce and brave. She is strong and kick ass. She is passionate about her career and those she loves. I liked Gus just as much as I like Vaughnne. He is head strong, mysterious and sexy. The chemistry between them as they fight off enemies is awesome. I wish there were more intimate scenes with Gus and Vaughnne but I definitely felt the vibes from them. Of course I loved the main characters but I’m very intrigued by Mr. Jones. I want to know more of his background. He’s aloof and direct. He is so hard to read and that makes me more curious. There’s potential for more books and I hope to get a better insight into Mr. Jones.This series is intense, suspenseful and action-packed. I love each book better than the first. I look forward to any upcoming additions to the series.