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Bengal's Heart (Breeds Series)

Bengal's Heart - Lora Leigh Where do I start? Boy was I disappointed with this book. There was so much potential for Cabal and Cassa to have a great story but somehow the mark was totally missed. Let me start off by saying that the beginning of the book was great. I thought it was going somewhere but immediately it went off track. I won’t go into the plot but I will say that the story became repetitive. Cassa and Cabal are both looking for a Rogue. She wants to report the story and he wants her out of the way. After ten years of their initial meeting, they finally mate (Both knew they were each other’s mate so I don’t know why the years long wait) and then the foolishness begins. I mean how many times can you beat a dead horse before you realize that horse is DEAD??? She kept going on and on about her story, putting herself in dangerous situations. Then Cabal would save her, fight with her about doing it, while she promised to get her story. How did they resolve it, you might wonder? Through sex of course! So after the sex, she rushes off to get into some more trouble and the cycle repeats. This really was a waste of time. Also Cabal felt like a different character than when he was first introduced. Where was Tanner? I thought they were so close and were twins! He never made an appearance in the book. I thought that was slightly odd. There was one highlight. My boy Jonas was there and I love me some him. We see who his mate is (though I already knew since his book is up next for me).