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Truth: Consequences #2

Truth - Aleatha Romig Ok so I had to give this 2 stars. I like the first half of the book. I thought Claire learned her lesson. Then Tony started to work his way back in the scene and everything went crazy. For me, the biggest problem is that I don't like these characters. Claire is just dumb. You don't excuse Tony's behavior because he had a crazy family. He did horrible things but the worst is when he messed with her family. I couldn't forgive him for that. Tony is still sick in the head. The only thing is that there is someone else out there just as sick and he needs to fight back. I did love Harry. So sweet. I was holding my breath because I thought h might get killed. I like Emily. She reminds me of myself. After all Tony did to her husband, she knew better. She just couldn't get Claire to wake up. The story became predictable. I started to figure out who was who. It was too long. I don't know what to think of this series. It is just ball of crazy.