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His Darkest Hunger

His Darkest Hunger - Juliana Stone Ms. Stone introduces readers to a hot, dark, steamy, action packed story. His Darkest Hunger is a tale of a jaguar shifter who was betrayed years ago by his lover. Vowing to seek his revenge, he waits patiently to find her, only to discover the woman he once knew no longer remembers him or their turbulent past. Hold onto your seats because Ms. Stone brings the qualities I love most to this story: betrayal, passion, and forgiveness.Jaxon Castille is a jaguar that once head up a government paranormal antiterrorist unit. Strong, sexy and oozing sensuality, Jaxon is a force to be reckoned with. He is a man on a mission to find the one woman who had destroyed his world. Three years ago, Libby (a human) betrayed Jaxon by seducing him and leading the opposing DaCosta clan to ambush them. The betrayal caused Jaxon a member of his team.Libby Jamieson is now a shell of the woman she used to be. Scared, battered and broken, she struggles to find safety in a small town. Her small haven is rocked when Jaxon, a mystery man to her, enters her life. After a high packed action scene, where Jaxon learns that Libby has no recollection of her former life, he whisks her off to his compound. Once Libby is safe in the confines of Jaxon’s home, she slowly learns that she has had some past with him and his team and they parted on bad terms. Slowly, the author reveals the physical and emotional abuse that Libby had endured. As she fights to regain her memories, she can’t help but to find herself attractive to Jaxon. My heart broke for Libby. She was so lost and confused for the better half of the book. Stone was able to express Libby’s emotions in a realistic manner. When she finally gained her memory back, whoa, did readers get to see why Jaxon was initially attracted to her. The relationship that the author depicted was intense, turbulent and passionate. The two lovers are both strong willed and fight to accept one another. I enjoyed reading Jaxon’s turmoil as he fought the battle between loving and hating Libby. Though at times, I felt the story dragged in places, I did understand that it kept the suspense up and never once deterred me from the book. The love scenes were hot and steamy. At times, I was unhappy that the couple resolved their issues through sex. I wanted more conversation between them. Secondary characters Ana, Declan, Jagger, Cracker and Julian all add an interesting element to the story. Each one, though dysfunctional, have a story waiting to be told. The vibe between the members of the unit, though shaky at times, resembled a family. I wonder what Ms. Stone has up her sleeve for this bunch. The world that Stone builds is full of shape-shifters, practitioners of magick, vampires and other paranormal beings that add excitement to this dark tale.His Darkest Hunger is an excellent start to a promising series. Readers can expect many twists and turns to keep them excited. Paranormal fans, gear up! Ms. Stone is marking her place. I look forward to her next installment, His Darkest Embrace.