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Against the Law (Raines of Wind Canyon Series #3)

Against the Law - Kat Martin Kat Martin saves the best for last in the third book of her Raines of Wind Canyon series. Martin jams a mighty punch in this action-packed, drama-filled book about the third Raines brother.Devlin Raines is the playboy of the family. He lives the fast life and answers to no one and he likes it that way. A former military man turned to private investigator, Dev still gets his adrenaline rush from his private cases. Now he is about to get a whole other type of rush from sexy handbag designer, Lark Delaney.Lark Delaney’s only goal is to find her deceased sister’s baby. Lark promised her sister on her death bed that she would search for the child that her sister had given up. A simple case right? Not even the slightest. Enlisting her friend’s help, she is referred to Devlin Raines, a top notch investigator who is willing to take the case because he owes her friend his life. Lark’s focus should be only on finding her niece but she never expected to be working side by side with a fine specimen like Devlin.Once Dev finds Lark’s niece, the danger is far from over. The simple case turns deadly when the couple stumbles upon a murder by drug lords. Now they are the ones being hunted and little Chrissy (Lark’s niece) is a pawn in a vicious game. Chrissy brings lightness to the heavy scenes and her interaction with Dev is great. She is a cute kid and though the book is focused on her at times, it doesn’t detract from the real story. Dev is a great male lead character. Hurting from his failed engagement, he has his trust issues with women. Behind the wall he has built, there is a caring man who has the ability to love and slowly Martin shows his tender side. Lark is the perfect female lead for him. She is smart, sexy and holds her own. Dev sees her strength and instead of sheltering her, he stands next to her and let her help in his rescue. The first two books is in the trilogy really didn’t hit the perfect mix of romance and suspense. One had too much romance and little suspense while the other had too much suspense and little romance. This book is the perfect blend of romantic suspense. Dev and Lark find themselves involved in a whole world of action but still manage to fall for each other in a realistic way. The gradual build-up will leave readers antsy to finish the book.Overall, this is a great romantic suspense novel and the author left a little note for readers that some of Dev’s friends will have their own book. I’m so excited to see what is in store for this great ensemble of characters.