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Against the Fire (Raines of Wind Canyon Series #2)

Against the Fire - Kat Martin Kat Martin jams a suspense filled story in Against the Fire. The story is the second book in the Raines of Canyon Wind trilogy. Gabriel Raines is running a successful construction company. He has several properties under his belt but one night he receives a call that one of the properties is set on fire. His luck is changed and he has to figure out who the arsonist is before they can do further damage.Mattie Baker is called down to the police station because a teenager (Angel) she mentors is accused of setting a building on fire. She is determined to prove his innocence and she get a little help from Gabe, who believes that the teen is innocent as well. Once they prove that Angel is innocent, a series of events occurred and forces Mattie and Gabe to track down an arsonist.I have to first commend the author on keeping the suspense going in the story. I got so caught up in figuring out who was setting the fire. With that being said, the romance slipped in the book. I couldn’t connect with Gabe and Mattie like I normally do with a hero and heroine. It is hard to understand Mattie because she has a shell up the entire time which to me didn’t make sense because her past failed relationship is just not enough to keep everyone at arm’s length. She became quite stiff and undesirable in my eyes. Gabe is a total hottie and I loved how he kept pushing Mattie. The side romance with Gabe’s best friend Sam and Mattie’s friend Tracy is a great addition to the story. Sam has to reign Tracy in his own way and show her that he is a man that sticks around. When she finally sees the truth, it was endearing and sweet. A great way to get two love stories in one! I finally can’t wait to see what is in store for Dev! He appears to be the love them and leave them type and I’m sure his woman will knock him off his feet.