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Visions of Magic (Awakening Fantasy Series #1)

Visions of Magic - Regan Hastings Regan Hastings delivers a magical and passion filled story in the first book of her Awakening series.Witches are being hunted in the 21st Century. Magic has been outed to the world and everyone is in an uproar. The government has created special agencies such as BOW (Bureau of Witches) and the magic police to capture these special individuals. Shea Jameson is living in fear. Her aunt was the first woman to be punished for her special abilities. Fearing that she might be a witch herself, she has gone into hiding.Shea thinks she finally escaped her nightmares but her peace of mind is short lived when she sets a man on fire in front of everyone. A man appears and rescues her from the angry mob of people. His name is Torin and he claims to be her mate, an Eternal whose sole purpose is to protect her and enhance her powers. Torin is frustrated. He has watched his mate for several centuries, waiting for the Awakening to occur and for him to take his place by her side. The problem is that Shea doesn’t remember Torin or their passionate past together. She thinks he is insane and rightly so. She doesn’t believe she is a witch or that she is ready for her Awakening (when a witch’s powers are awakened inside her) to come. But she is forced to remember her past and Torin. She has to find a piece of an artifact that her and her fellow witches destroyed and hid. She is the first witch to have awakened and she has to complete her task or else the world will be the destroyed. The battle to accept her place beside him as she fights to save the world is the hardest part.What a wonderful spin the author creates with the Eternals! Torin really struggles with his nature to protect Shea. He has to hold back his pride and emotions to give her the space and independency she needs. There is a sincerity that comes across from Torin’s words and actions. He is a true alpha male and somehow playing a side position to Shea didn’t emasculate him. In fact, the way he was able to treat her as an equal makes him more secure in himself and her love. My problem with this book is that it drags in certain places. At times there is so much action and then nothing occurs for pages except Shea struggling to remember who she is. There is a lot of world building in this book and I applaud the fact that the author creates a magical and exciting world with a modern twist. However, there are some questions unanswered and other details are not explained as much. I would have liked to learn more about the Eternals. Besides being the mates of the witches, I would have liked to learn what powers they possessed and where they originated from. There is much to explore with them and I hope the author dabbles more in their history in the future books. The love scenes are hot and well written. There’s a particular shower scene that has to be read twice. Though Torin has to prove himself to Shea, he has no problems bringing the heat. As the mating process between them start, the more explosive the love scenes get. If you are a fan of dark and sexy paranormal reads, then Visions of Magic is the perfect book. I’m eager to learn more the witches and their Eternals.