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My One and Only

My One and Only - Kristan Higgins Harper James is an independent and self-sufficient divorce attorney. She appears to have it all. She got the career, brains, looks and a hot fireman boyfriend whom she has propose to. Though Dennis has yet to accept her proposal, Harper knows he will. Her flighty sister gives her a call to tell her that she is getting married again for the third time but not to just anyone, to Harper's ex-husband's brother. Now Harper must hurry to her sister's weekend and face her ex-husband, Nick.Nick Lowery has never got over Harper. When he sees her again at his brother's wedding, the emotions resurfaced. The only thing standing in his way is her dopey boyfriend and Harper. Every time they are in the same space, the electricity intensifies. Harper tries hard to fight it but she soon realizes Dennis isn't the one and sends him packing.After the wedding, Harper tries to go home but a series of mishap leads her to spending time with Nick as they take a road trip across country. Harper starts to reflect what really went wrong with their marriage. This was a great second reunion story. The characters are witty and real. I completely felt sympathetic for Nick. He was in love with Harper from the gate. Harper took some time to get use to but she eventually worked me over. The side stories added a bit of flavor to the story but Nick and Harper remained the focus.