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Double Play

Double Play - Jill Shalvis I have never read a Jill Shalvis book and I had no clue what to expect. Not being a big baseball fan, I was some what leery of my reactions to this book. Surprisingly, I was knocked off my feet with this one. Jill Shalvis delivers enough energy, witt and romance to keep her readers entertain. What I loved the most was that while she threw in the sports stuff there was enough romance to keep me going.Pace Martin is the star pitcher for the Pacific Heat. He’s going through a rough time. Once an arrogant player, Pace has humbled himself after an injury that left him questioning what’s next. Since baseball has been his whole life, he’s a little less confident. Dealing with the stress of the team and the unknown is hard enough but now he has to deal with Holly Hutchins, a nosy reporter that was sent to him by his own PR rep.Holly hates that she is stuck writing a story on the Heat. She sucks it up as another challenge and starts after Pace Martin. Her initial encounter with Pace is confrontational and she doubts she can pull this off. Not one to back down, Holly pushes her way into Pace’s face and into his heart. What I like was that Pace and Holly’s relationship was that there was this immediate connection but they did not act on it. Instead it builds up into full blown affair. As they test the waters of their relationship, someone is leaking information about the team to the press. All evidence points to Holly and she tries to convince Pace and the team that she is not the culprit. Side characters Wade, Samantha and even crazy Tia provides enough entertainment. I am definitely interested in Samantha and Wade’s story. I expect it to be just as hot!