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The Guy Next Door - Victoria Dahl, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan Ready Set Jett by Lori FosterJett Sutter has admired Natalie Alexander since the moment he has spotted her in their apartment complex. Shortly after their introduction, they begin a hot, no-strings attached affair. The problem is that Jett is starting to care for Natalie and he wants something more. He just has to figure out how to convince Natalie. When Natalie mentions her plans for a vacation, he invites himself, seeking the perfect opportunity.Wowza! Does Lori Foster know how to write hot sex scenes. The sexual chemistry between Jett and Natalie pops right at you. The only thing is that the rest of the story falls flat. Natalie does not give any real reason to keep Jett at bay. Her past fail relationships could have been just caused but they happened some time ago. Jett is a likeable guy and his character is well developed. The side story about Natalie’s missing sister distracts from the main story. I have no problem with an author setting up future books inside of the story that I’m reading. However, this becomes a problem when the current story is just dropped and a huge cliffhanger is placed as an ending. Sorry, but this does not sit well with me. I expected more from this short story and I’m slightly disappointed.Gail’s Gone Wild by Susan DonovanWhen Gail Chapman’s daughter informs her that she and her friend is going to Key West for spring break, Gail rushes into action. There is no way she is allowing her teenage daughter to go away without any adult supervision. Despite her daughter’s protest, they pack up and head to Key West for a little fun. Surprisingly, it’s Gail who has all the fun when she meets sexy Jesse Batista, an author who heats up her life.The story moves at a slow pace and the story is forgettable. The characters lack appeal. My problem with this story is that Gail’s reasons for going to Key West is to make sure her daughter is chaperoned. However, once Gail takes interest in the guy she forgets about the daughter. She went from super mom to I’m getting my groove back real quick. The daughter is not a good addition to the book. My tolerance for children/teenagers in books without any real significant cause is low. Hannah and Holly (yes, they have similar names) is just another part of the stereotypical teenager thrown in the mix. Overall, this story is mediocre at its best.Just One Taste by Victoria DahlI never even got pass the first chapter because the plot did not pull me in. Overall, this book could not get rated.