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Edge of Sight (Guardian Angelinos Series #1)

Edge of Sight - Roxanne St. Claire Roxanne St. Claire kicks off her first in a new series full of action, suspense, mystery and romance. Fans of her Bullet Catcher series will be delighted to jump right in this romantic thriller.Samantha Fairchild is a magnet for trouble. Since she was a witness to a crime years ago, she hopes to stay away from all dangers. But it is hard when she witness a murder of a well known journalist in the basement of the restaurant she works at. The cops are not trying to help her so she turns to the only person she can think of–Vivi Angelino, her former friend and investigative reporter. Instead of enlisting Vivi’s assistance, she gets the help of Vivi’s brother, Zach― the man that Samantha loves.Walking away from Samantha years ago after she had confessed that she was in love with him, was one of the hardest things Zach has ever had to do. But he was in the military and he didn’t want to ask her to wait for him, though he knew she would have if he asked. Now he’s back and he wants to help her with whatever danger is after her. The problem is that he can’t help her and keep his heart guarded at the same time. I love a scarred hero. Call me crazy but I think the scar makes the character more interesting and a bit more human. He’s not “so perfect”. However, I became annoyed with Zach’s injury because it became such a focus for him and every other character in the book that it almost became distracting. While in the service, Zach lost his eye and is badly disfigured on one side of his face. He has a very hard time dealing with the scar and the fact that he let down his men and some of them died based on his decisions. Not to mention, he is hurt because he don’t believe he can be the same man that he was. I really like Samantha because she was very patient with Zach. She sees past the scarred face and to the core of the man. She is very guarded at times in the book which is understandable since he left her before but she never becomes cold. There is an equal balance to her emotions.I even appreciate Vivi’s character. She is hip and funky. I love that she supports Zach (her twin) and jump starts the Guardian Angelinos, a private investigation firm so that way Zach could have a new career focus and Vivi could snoop around which she thoroughly enjoys. She enrolls her family members to jump aboard and help Samantha and Zach.I love the family dynamics of the Angelinos and their extended family. The characters interact realistically and show that they were a close knit family but they are flawed. There is a bit of tension between certain family members. I look forward to learning how the issues will be resolved in upcoming books. At the end, I appreciated how they all came together and use one another strengths to figure out who the villain was. My biggest problem with this book was that there is a lack of action and the story moves slowly at times. Samantha and Zach did more hiding in different locations than anything else. Vivi takes the role of the investigator while they hid and that was very frustrating. Zach should have been more aggressive in my opinion.Overall, if you need a fast entertaining romantic suspense story, Edge of Sight is a good place to start.