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The Mane Event (Pride Stories Series #1)

The Mane Event - Shelly Laurenston This was the first book in the pride series and I enjoyed it. This is really more of a 3.5 stars instead of a 3 star book. The two stories were connected and I liked following the multiple characters.Christmas Pride:The first story follows Mace Llewellyn (yes I hated his name) and Dez MacDermot who were real close friends growing up in New York but got seperated from Dez's move to Queens. Twenty years later, Mace is back in town for the holidays and he plans to seek out Dez. He do not have to wait long because she is in his sister's home investigating a murder. Though Dez is happy to see her former best friend, she is leery of becoming romantically involved with him, not to mention he is a lion shifte and she is human.Shaw's Tail:Brendon Shaw, the lion shifter, was first introduce in Christmas Pride when he was attacked and saved by a pack of She-Wolves. Brendon awakens to find himself being cared for by a Tennessee She-Wolf, Ronnie Lee. Ronnie Lee is ready shed her wild child image and start a new life and NYC is the perfect place for her. She wants to be free from her parents and the pack but now that Brendon has set claim to her, he is not willing to let go.Likes:One of the big factors for me in this book was the humor. I love when I can laugh and there were a lot of laugh out loud moments. The banter between the two couples were great. I love the sibling rivalries. I thought there was chemistry between the characters and the story was easy to follow though there was several shifters and side characters introduced.Dislikes:In the first story the plot was set up around a murder. Somehow,the murder was pushed to the side. The romance and abundant amount of sex pushed the plot out of the way. You end up reading about Dez and Mace humping in every form imaginable and everywhere in her house. Then there is a fight scene at the end and of course, this is suppose to give some closure to the plot. NOT! Though this is minor in the second story if Ronnie's eyes crossed one more time I was seriously going to skip over the love scenes. Everytime, Brendon touched her, her eyes were crossing. Not a pretty picture since she didn't describe Ronnie as a pretty shifter anyway.A good story with enough characters to build for other books. I will definitely pick up the rest of the series.