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Lucky in Love - Jill Shalvis Just when I think that Jill Shalvis can not out do herself, I’m proven wrong. Lucky in Love is a funny, witty and entertaining romance set in a richly warm small town.Mallory Quinn is sick of being the town’s good girl. Every one expects the best of her and why shouldn’t they? She has always tried her best to be the dependable one in her family and that’s saying a lot since her family is not short of crazy. After making a pact with her girlfriends, she vows to find her inner bad girl and let her loose. When the town’s new visitor, Mysterious Cute Guy, Ty Garrison stumbles in her lap, she seizes the opportunity to have a little fun with Mr. Wrong.Ty Garrison is an ex-SEAL who is trying to escape the trauma of losing the members of his team. He needs the time in Lucky Harbor to physically and mentally heal from the tragic events. What he doesn’t need is a sexy little nurse hovering over him and making him feel things that he shouldn’t.I love this series. Each book gets better than the previous one. Mallory and Ty have some steamy love scenes. The chemistry is off the charts. I love that Ty finds himself doing little things to make Mallory happy since she is always there for everyone in the town. Though he tries to fight it, he falls hard for Mallory.The one thing that I appreciated about Ty is that he is a flawed character. At times, he can be bossy and rough but he is still soft. He has a lot of trauma to deal with from his days as a SEAL and he holds his pain close to him. Slowly, Mallory peels back the layers to the core of who Ty really is. In return, Ty makes Mallory stronger and fiercer in my opinion. By the end of the book, the characters grow for the better.For fans of the series, there will be glimpses of previous characters but you will fall for the new characters that are introduced. The town of Lucky Harbor is one place I wish I could visit.I highly recommend this book for contemporary romance lovers. I’ve already pre-ordered the next two books in the series. I can’t wait to see Amy and Grace find their own HEAs.