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Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6)

Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6) - Jill Shalvis Woot! Jill Shalvis has done it again. Her ability to pen romantic, heartwarming stories makes her one of my favorite contemporary romance authors.Grace is the new girl in town, looking for a job and new way of life. Her luck is running out as she struggles to get a job. Things might be turning around for Grace when she receives a call from Dr. Josh Scott to walk his dog.Josh needs more than a dog walker. He needs a nanny and someone who can help bring a bit of normalcy to his chaotic life. Being an ER doctor and running a clinic is not an easy feat but to top it off with a pain in the butt sister and a five year old son, he is bound to go crazy. When Grace walks into his life, Josh can’t help but wonder how much more crazy can it get?Okay, so I love the stories that Ms. Shalvis weaves together. Why didn’t I give it a full five stars? Simple…Josh had to grow on me initially. Of course, in her normal style, I didn’t realize the author was peeling back his layers to reveal a perfectly “human” man. I love that her characters are not the typical rich and perfect type but more of the type we would see in real life. It is that realistic approach that draws me in every time.I liked Grace because she handles Josh and his family so well. However, I sometimes felt as though she was not as fleshed out as I wanted her to be. I got so caught up in Josh’s story that I needed more of Grace. However, I do love an opposites attract story and Josh/Grace is no different.I love revisiting my friends from Lucky Harbor. The men got to play more of a role in this addition and it is refreshing to see what they are like without the ladies. I’m not complaining about the fun banter between the ladies when they are meeting up to dish the dirt over chocolate. Ms. Shalvis wraps up the trilogy in her Lucky Harbor series nicely but I hope she brings some more fun to this town.