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Exclusively Yours (Kowalski Family, #1)

Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey More like a 3.5 stars. Exclusively Yours is a funny, light and contemporary read that will leave readers wanting a little bit more.Lately I’ve been reading new books by new authors (or at least they are new to me) and while I’m always a bit reluctant and leery, I have to say that I’ve been finding some really good books. Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey was another good read. High School sweethearts Joe Kowalski and Keri Daniels were wildly in teenage love, planning a future until Keri bolted without any warning from their town to establish a career and new life as a journalist. Her boss uncovers that Keri has had a relationship with Joe, a reclusive and bestselling author, and she wants an interview. Receiving an ultimatum of reporting about Joe and his recent love scandal or losing her job, Keri is forced back into the life of the one man she had loved and hurt the most.Once Joe discovers that Keri is back in his hometown trying to get a story about his life, he plots to get reacquainted with his former love by bribing her into spending a two week vacation with his family. In return, they both get to ask each other a question each day. Normally, I don’t fall for the Beta heroes but Joe was amusing, sweet and it was so obvious from the start that he was still in love with Keri. The author made several references to his pain from Keri’s initial leave throughout the story and how he ended up as a famous author.There was a cast of secondary characters. The whole Kowalskis were in full attendance at the campsite and I loved every minute of their banter and all of the siblings had their own issues. Though I am not into bitchy female characters at all, I had to say that I liked Terry (Joe’s sister) a lot. She was the type to say it like it is and she had a whole lot of drama. Not only did Keri bail out on Joe, but Terry and Keri were once BFFs and Terry carried the pain of her best friend leaving her. There was some laugh out loud moments with the fights between Keri and Terry. I felt the emotions from Terry. She was like a child who didn’t want to lose her friend or have problems with her husband. Though she was catty at times, I understood where her place of anger stemmed from.My only quarrel with this story was the abrupt way that the storylines ended. Granted, the book was relatively short but the issues could have been tied up better. Terry and Keri’s relationship was never settled in my opinion. They eventually began to talk at the campsite but they only discussed Terry’s marital issues. There was no discussion of their fall out or an apology. I find it hard to believe after holding so much anger inside, that Terry would just let go of her anger towards Keri. I’m sorry but if my best friend ditched me, I would want to say, “You had hurt me a lot when you stopped being my friend.” A conversation about the past should have occurred. The storyline with Joe and Keri’s past seemed to not be that prevalent in the conversations between Joe and Keri. For Joe to have the freedom to ask Keri any question he wanted, he sure did waste them. I do understand that he was trying to convince her to stay more than rehash the past but I need more of a resolution when reading a reconnecting love story. Overall, I still enjoyed the story and I would definitely read another book by this author. I am kind of hoping that the younger brother gets a shot at love as well.