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Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha Ok so I liked this book. This is steamy fun for a dirty gal like myself. I've never read anything like this myself. It was a like a grown-up version of hunger games with tons of freaking sex. With that being said, why didn't I give it a higher rating? Well...I didn't feel that I knew much about the world. I understand that Noelle was cast from Eden because she didn't walk a straight line and fit the mold but I wanted to know what happens in Eden. What is the different sectors? Why are they always at war? Where in the hell did this world come from? The world building was lacking. Also, there are so many characters with different stories, that they sometimes distracted me from Noelle and Jas. I honestly started to get caught up in Dallas and Lex. I can't wait for them to have a book. Talk about two complex characters with a lot of shit going on. The back and forth with them was entertaining. While I loved loved loved the sex, I just wanted more of the background story with the sex. Overall, a good start to a series. I'm interested and I can't wait to read more.