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The Art of Domination (The Art of D/s, #2)

The Art of Domination - Ella Dominguez I loved it. Just loved it. Dylan finally get to show his dominant side and it made me want to fall at his feet. Lol. The dynamics of this relationship is so interesting. At this point in their relationship, Isa and Dylan both are struggling with their role in their new marriage. Isa wants to know things about her new husband but Dylan is very secretive. There are things that he don't want exposed in fear that Isabel will leave him. Someone from his past is threatening to expose those things and soon Isa learns that there are many people who want to harm them. Jealous sets in and Isa wants to please Dylan so she tries to give Dylan what she thinks he want...a true submissive. However, Isa doesn't know how long that can last since her alter ego, Mistress Isabel, is screaming to be released. As danger approaches, Isa learns more about her husband and herself.I just want to say that I wasn't sure that Dylan was a true Dom n the last book. He was too busy trying to get Isa to trust him and not push her because of her abusive past. In this, he is testing the waters and he let his sadist side show. I love it. When he got all alpha and crazy, I felt like Isa, all gooey inside. Sure, there are times when he is an asshole but I needed to see who he really is as a man. I have to admit that I wanted to strangle him because I think he should have told her the truth from the start so they could fight together but even after learning about his past, I could understand since he was no joke in his past life.I felt bad when the bad guys got a hold of Isa and I was so glad Dylan was patient with her. She got her revenge when Mistress Isabel showed up at the club. I was chanting and cheering her on. I loved that scene. Mistress Isabel is a bad bitch. LOL. I knew life could not be so sweet by the end and I need the next book like I need oxygen. Hurry up, Ella. Get to writing!!! I don't want to wait too long :)Overall, good book. I will definitely pick up the next in the series.