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Forbidden Falls (Virgin River)

Forbidden Falls - Robyn Carr Forbidden Falls introduces Noah and Ellie. Noah is a preacher who buys an abandoned church on Ebay. Ready to start his ministries he heads to Virgin River and against his better judgement he hires Ellie, a single mother who is in desperate need of a job. An unlikely romance develops and there is alot of drama.What a great read. Two people who are total opposites have so much in common. I loved the way the author showed how the characters dealt with Ellie's situation. My heart went out to her. She lived her whole life without getting a break and I cheered at the end for her. I loved to see how the two came together.I didn't really care for Vanni and Paul's part but that might be because I really disliked Vanni before in Second Chance Pass. However, what that had to go through and they dealt with the situation was great.