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Ask For It  - Sylvia Day Wow my first Sylvia Day book..Lady Elizabeth Hawthorne jilted her former lover Marcus Ashford, Earl of Westfield due to a misunderstanding. Hastily she elopes with her brother's friend and finds herself widowed a year later. After three years of mourning the two are reacquainted when Marcus tries to find who murdered Elizabeth's husband. Stil harboring ill feelings towards Marcus, Elizabeth fights him at every single turn even denying her own passions. Now I must say that this story has some ups and downs. Though the Hero was arrogant and conceited he was lovable to me. I actually liked him more than the heroine. Speaking of her, she was annoying and stubborn to no ends. She fought him so hard and he still chased her. Even when she finally discovered the truth of what had occurred four years earlier, she still kept acting like an idiot. At one point, I wanted him to give her up.I think the plot could have been tighter. The whole mystery and danger kind of fell flat to me and it was disappointing. All the cat and mouse game that the H/H played the entire book could have been dealt with half way through the book and they should have work together to solve the mystery and rediscover love with one another. However it was still a good read. I loved the steamy love scenes. There was alot of them but I still enjoyed them.