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Texas Rain - Jodi Thomas I would really give this 3.5 stars! I enjoyed it but it was lacking some umph! The story is about Travis McMurray, a Ranger, who has taken a month leave to return home to his family. Once home, his baby sister drags him to a town dance so that she can finally find a man. While there he bumps into Rainey Adams who kisses him and runs off with his horse. Rainey is running from her father up North because he wants her to marry an older man. Watching how her mother was stripped of her freedom because she was married to Rainey's father, caused Rainey to hate the idea of being tied down to anyone. So she sets out to disguise herself as a boy. While he is out looking for her and his horse the following day he is injured. Rainey goes back to the McMurray's ranch after witnessing this and having Travis brother drag her back with them. The whole family believes she is a boy which works out for her. When he awakens he sees her and the attraction begins...Rainey run away again but this time she can't get Travis off her mind and she decides to write him letters. So while he is healing, he corresponds back and forth with her. Rainey begins to miss the man and he set out to find her while he is on a trip with his sister and a young boy(you have to read it to find out about the boy). Once they meet again, the emotions are flying all over the place and danger is not far behind. I liked the connection between the two characters. Was it steamy? IMO it was not but it definitely had romance. I loved the scene when Rainey is feeling insecure and asks Travis to be the man in those letters and say what he means. So he writes in the dirt he loves her over and over. When she question why he is repeatedly doing that, he tells her until she believes it. I don't know but he won me over at that point in the book.