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Chains - Shiloh Walker I enjoyed this book. I thought it was just going to be straight sex with a small story lurking in there somewhere but I was pleasantly surprised. The suspense kept me going and the characters were enjoyable. However I did not enjoy the first story as much. The second story was very sweet and I felt the connection immediately. I also was able to get into the story at this point because you felt that there was some sort of danger surrounding the characters. The last story was good but it felt rushed. I was up and down with the female character. I mean someone has been stalking you for 5 years. You lived in fear for years prior to that because of another incident and you still never thought that you needed protection when the stalking began. Uh what's going on in your head? I wanted the ladies to interact with each other more. Now I'm glad that each of them got their own story but they kept calling each other best friends and yet they never interacted much when they each got to town and danger was chasing them. What type of friends is that? Plus every one was having sex with people that either once dated or was related to their friends. There should have been some conversation going on. Still, the read was enjoyable. I would read another book by this author.