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Taming the Highland Bride  - Lynsay Sands This was really a 3.5 star read. Taming the Highland Bride is an easy, fast-paced story about mistrust and misunderstandings. This page turner was filled with obstacles that the main characters had to get past to find love. This was my first book by Lynsay Sands and I have to say that her writing style is very light and creates an easy flow. Alex is patient, sweet and loyal man and I liked that a lot. Even though he had misgivings about Merry from rumors that she was a shrew, from the beginning he was attracted to her. He wanted to make her happy to be his wife. My only problem with Alex is that he was not portrayed as a warrior. For the better part of the book, Merry ran the household and held the men together, while Alex was constantly in harm’s way and banged up.Merry is a strong, independent and caring woman. After suffering through years of taking care of her drunken brothers and father, she is desperately seeking a new life. I honestly felt Merry’s disappointment at her first encounter with her Alex, knowing she felt as though she left one horrible situation for another. As they both try to move forward from their awkward first encounter, they both have to learn to let go and find love. I enjoyed the way Alex worked to get Merry’s guard down to prove that he was not like the men in her family. He took his time not to force her but rather show her that he was a man of honor. Sure enough, slowly as they are on an adventure to Scotland, Merry sees her husband for the man that he truly is and allows him to slowly enter her heart.While they are both discovering their newfound feelings towards one another, mystery and danger is lurking around every corner. I felt the mystery incorporated throughout the entire story was interesting and at the end I was a little surprised at the villain. I wanted them to dig around to find out who was behind the “mysterious” incidents but I was a little disappointed that they just happen to stumble across the truth. No one took real interest that they were in real danger except Merry. Overall, I would recommend Taming the Highland Bride to anyone who wants to enjoy a quick and enjoyable read. I look forward to reading further along in this series.