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Comanche Moon - Catherine Anderson I love a good Native American Romance story. To capture the essence of the time and throw in love is truly and amazing feat. That's what Catherine Anderson was able to do in Comanche Moon. The story held so many elements such as pain, cultural clashes, love, betrayal, hope and forgiveness. Each was so wonderfully carved into the story and held my interest.Hunter's people are attacked in a brutal raid, killing his wife and unborn child. Filled with hate for the white people, he vow venegance upon them. But how can he, when a prophecy claims he will fall in love with white woman that has had so much hurt in her life she becomes mute. Their only salvation is each other.Years ago Loretta witnessed a raid that resulted in the death of her parents. She watched in horro as her mother was raped and then murdered and the pain caused her to shut herself in silence.From the initial meeting of the two main characters there is tension and conflict. They both struggle with their hatred and cultural differences. I was truly immersed and captivated with the story. The pain that these characters suffer was great adn I was very emotional at times throughout this book.My only problem (of course it did not stop me from loving this book) was Loretta. At one point in the book, I remember yelling out "Give me a break lady." Now I truly understand her pain and I knew they had to overcome alot of deep running emotions to find a connection but she fought it too hard. I lost count of the times that Hunter demonstrated that he was willing to overcome his hatred of whites to love her and then she goes and toss it all in is face. Now I truly understood her pain but at some point people have to say "what is my heart telling me?" and I felt that she never did that.Despite the fact that I wanted to knock the Heroine upside her head, I enjoyed this book alot. Very emotional.