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Outlander - Diana Gabaldon I really wanted to like this book but I couldn't. This book is now in the garbage after reading the most horrific ending ever. I know that most are in favor of this book or against it. I stand proudly with my fellow haters because this book was straight up trash. Oh how I hate thee, let me count the ways!1. The book was too boring. Goodness! I struggle to get to page 200. It was only then that I finally got into the story. 2. Too many details that I felt did not contribute to the story was included in this book. She could have cut this book in half and I would have gotten the point.3. Claire makes me sick! I hate stupid women. I could not for the life of me understand her actions. Now, you are on your second honeymoon, and somehow you end up time traveling in the past. You all of a sudden forget that you're married? You carry on with another man? I don't get it. True enough, she behaved okay in the beginning but then she went downhill. I never really understood why she wasn't really concern with getting back home. I don't know about anyone else but I would miss today's modern conviences. She was just going along with the flow and it didn't fit in my mind.Once Claire and Jamie was married, I was slightly disturbed. Of course in my head, I couldn't honor the marriage. But okay, Claire obviously did and consummated it. From there on out it was nothing but sex. How many times did they need to have sex? They even had sex after she was nearly raped. Like savages, they are humping in the woods or wherever because they are horny. I wanted a real connection between these two and all I felt was lust! Then Claire gets even more disgusting IMO. Jamie felt the need to punish her by beating her. He beat her "within an inch of her life" and this was acceptable. I know that we are talking about a particular time frame but it still doesn't make it right. My problem wasn't with Jamie. In fact, I actually liked him. He was very sweet (minus the beating). My problem rested with Claire because she easily accepted the beating because he started telling about the many times he had gotten a beating. I really wanted her to look at him and say, "Shut your a** up!" but no instead after numerous accounts of when he was on the receiving end of the beatings, she says "I love you!" From that moment the book went even more downhill because I hated her! 4. What happened to Frank? Just like that, he was gone. Every time he was mentioned throughout the book, she quickly pushed back any thoughts of him. She even had a chance to go back, but instead she chose to stay with this dude. Never once thinking, "What happened to Frank? Is he worried? I miss him!"5. The grotesque details of the rape. I thought it was going to be a minor scene but instead it went on and on. I couldn't take it. I felt so bad for Jamie. My heart was so heavy when he went into the details. Then what do idiot Claire do, she re-enacts the scene in a sense to get him to respond. I can't go no further because I'm sick!